Agriculture –  Krishi Mitra

Agriculture – Krishi Mitra

Agriculture – Krishi Mitra

Our Seva Bharti Volunteers aim to make our villages completely sustainable in agriculture, thereby increasing their earnings and leading the fellow citizens towards a sustainable society.

We help and guide poor farmers in many remote areas to produce and grow the crops scientifically , with proper application of organic fertilizers  and educating them on about the  harmful effects of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the crops and thus resulting in  increased  harvest .

Seed Bank –

Seva Bharti is having seed banks in many remote areas of the state to help poor farmers to get the best quality of seeds and planting materials.

We are working closely with our volunteers to ensure that high quality certified seeds reach every farmer in need, who is not able to buy seeds and fertilizers.

Community Agro Marketing Centre –

At Seva Bharati we aim to introduce a Community Agro Marketing Centre for the farmers, so that the middleman cant deprive the farmers of their hard earned  profits from  the produce.

At the Community Agro Marketing Centre, the farmers themselves decide the selling price of their harvest  and the direct link of  the farmers with the markets, reduces the dependency on the middle man and traders.

The outcome of setting up the CAMC is, increase in the income of the farmers leading them to a better standard of living.