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Sports Seva Bharati Meghalaya

Sports Seva Bharati Meghalaya

Sports Seva Bharati Meghalaya

Whether it is in form of Sports or Scouts or Yoga, encouraging your child’s participation in physical exercise, leads to his overall development. Being involved and committed to such activities helps with ensure the child’s physical and mental abilities, his leadership qualities and enable him to face challenges in his life and career.

Sports play an important part in the life of school children. Physical activity is important not only for their growth  but also helps children to develop socially and emotionally.

At Seva Bharti we are providing school and college students and youth with several sports materials like footballs, Basketballs, cricket kits, Carom Boards, Chess, Badminton Kits and much more.

We organise sports events in villages for encouraging the rural children and youth to engage in physical activities which will enhance their physical and mental ability in times to come.


Seva Bharti is also striving to have a healthy and physically fit youth for a better nation.

Seva Bharati Meghalaya

Seve Bharati Meghalaya is a social service organization register under Meghalaya societies registration Act. in the year 1995